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There is not that much to tell you about me. More important is about my Scrapbook. My scrapbook is one hobby among many that I enjoy. To remember what happened in the past, especially interesting events, I started collecting cuttings from the newspaper named The Nation in the year 1997. Before that I once collected cartoons from Daily Jang, an Urdu newspaper, but that was for a short time period and also it was not proper. I collected pictures for many years and then I stopped. In the year 2016 the idea came to my mind to have a blog website where I could upload scanned copies of my scrapbook pictures and add little stories for those pictures. I have grouped the pictures and stories in two categories; one is Old and the other is New. In Old I am scanning all those pictures which I have collected since 1997 till the discontinuation. Whereas, in New, from the start of this idea, I am collecting and writing stories on the current collection of pictures.

There is an idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Following this wisdom, I think I should not be writing anything as the picture speaks for itself. But I thought to write those words which that picture spoke to me.

About the stories, I will write what I will be thinking about the pictures. Of course the reader may not agree with what I write and have another perspective and for this, they can leave comments for discussion expressing what they think about the pictures and my views.

A little bit about me is that I am in the field of audit and accounts and my hobby is to think about and share what is going on in the world around us.

For the purpose of my chronicles I am writing under the pseudonym “Aftab”. Aftab means Sun.

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