About Me

About Me

There is not that much to tell you about me. More important is about my Scrapbook. My scrapbook is one hobby among many that I enjoy. To remember what happened in the past, especially interesting events, I started collecting cuttings from the newspaper named The Nation in the year 1997. Before that I once collected cartoons from Daily Jang, an Urdu newspaper, but that was for a short time period and also it was not proper. I collected pictures for many years and then I stopped. In the year 2016 the idea came to my mind to have a blog website where I could upload scanned copies of my scrapbook pictures and add little stories for those pictures. I have grouped the pictures and stories in two categories; one is Old and the other is New. In Old I am scanning all those pictures which I have collected since 1997 till the discontinuation. Whereas, in New, from the start of this idea, I am collecting and writing stories on the current collection of pictures. It was The Nation in 1997 and still going on so you can guess the association of mine with “The Nation”.  For my Scrapbook, I have collected almost every type of picture; political, social, sports, entertainment, weather, nature, war, catastrophes etc.

There is an idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Following this wisdom, I think I should not be writing anything as the picture speaks for itself. But I thought to write those words which that picture spoke to me.

About the stories, I will write what I will be thinking about the pictures. Of course the reader may not agree with what I write and have another perspective and for this, they can leave comments for discussion expressing what they think about the pictures and my views. The picture may speak differently to the readers than to me. The intention is not to make this blog a war zone but rather a respectful and open sharing and understanding of ideas which I will post and which others would like to share. I hope that you would like what I will share with you.

A little bit about me is that I am in the field of audit and accounts and my hobby is to think about and share what is going on in the world around us.

For the purpose of my chronicles I am writing under the pseudonym “Aftab”. Aftab means Sun.


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  1. Ahaa, its nice conversation about this article at this place at this weblog, I have read all that, so at this time
    me also commenting here.

  2. Selection of pictures are really nice and interesting. The most important thing is the language which is used in the articles,is as simple as understandable by everyone

    • Thanks Sheeba for liking the posts. As english is not my mother language therefore for myself and for other readers i try to keep the content simple and understandable. Main focus is to give words to a picture behind the pictures.

  3. My Sun (Aftab) and everyone’s Sun welcome to and welcome me to this lovely project or effort of yours.

    The moment I learnt that at last you have done this (blog) I was surprised and happy and could not believe that one day you would do this. Keeping in view our living styles and the circumstances we live in and the nature of people — we have lost touch with art or aesthetics (I use these words in the widest possible sense including literature, hobbies, liking something for its own sake without seeing any material benefit). We have concretized everything: not only our cities, but also our mental faculties (including: emotions, thinking). So under all these circumstances I congratulate you, and I heartily wish you every conceivable kinds of things (not merely material objects but everything whether sensory or relating to intuition) that are needed to prosper on this blog and in your life (as now you will be living two lives: blog life, and non-blog life). As it is the first time that this opportunity has arisen, if this review or comments develops into a blog itself pardon me in advance for that.

    You referred to ‘an idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words”’. And said that ‘[f]ollowing this wisdom, I think I should not be writing anything as the picture speaks for itself. But I thought to write those words which that picture spoke to me.’

    You have rightly decided to write about the pictures i.e. the message that you decipher or decode or understand from the picture. Pictures cannot stand alone (perhaps all the time). The way words can communicate pictures cannot all the time. In a way this entire visible world is a picture, yet we do help it and ourselves by providing words on its behalf to have its understanding. Pictures can be misunderstood. So as we learn ABC (or other alphabets of other language) for understanding the written words same is the case with pictures. One has to learn ABC of picture reading. Those who have trained themselves to read pictures can come up with such a marvelous understanding that an ordinary reader may not. Picture is not only about seeing but seeing is just a sense that something is there. Ultimately it is once again process of reading that comes into play to understand a picture. And while observing a picture different people can reach at different understandings but if all share their opinions (understanding) and analyse their opinions, there is every likelihood of reaching some sort of unity of understanding. As you also acknowledge this fact in para 3.

    Fearing that I may tread on a risky territory I have not written about your non-blog entity or personality, perhaps because what should be written here should be about your blog entity (as you appear to be here through your collection of pictures and the stories you unfold about them).

    You said ‘There is not that much to tell you about me.’ I can tell but I will not for the reasons stated above.

    It is always difficult to write in this age of haste and unconscious living and negligence and carelessness and loss of hearty relationships and ignorance and so on and so forth (I am not being despaired or getting hopeless, but stating what appears all the time when we are going through our lives instead of living our lives. But you have broken this custom of ‘going through life’ by ‘living life’ with this blog and thank you for that).

    I think I have done a bit of justice as a reviewer or commenter.

    Long live your blog.

    Post Script: I had been intending to write something of substance, something that could express my emotions about, and understanding of, this blog and the Sun. I don’t know whether I succeeded in that. Due to haste in electronic communications (which also affects our minds by making it run faster than it can think) we jump into writing thoughtlessly, putting on the screen what first comes in the mind without finding out something better to express ourselves. So that is why I am late. I still want to add something more but it seems that my well has dried up for the time being so to refill it let me read your posts and then come back again to say what I find myself forced to say and not merely saying for the sake of saying.

    • Dear Khurram Hussain thanks for your comprehensive reply and thanks for your appreciation. Yes your comments deserve to be an article but picture is missing :). BTW this whole project is not solo effort and i am very thankful to the contributors. I would be looking forward for your comments against or for in relation to my posts.

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