Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil

This picture of the destruction of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, was published in The Nation newspaper on September 01, 2016. The mushroom cloud of dust and debris were the result of missiles fired by the Saudi Air Force. The debris in the air is not actually parts of some bombed buildings but actually the debris of destroyed peace and acts of brutality.

The Conflict:

The reason for the conflict as described in simple words by  the aggressor is “to restore the Yemeni Government“. The Saudis wanted to eliminate the Houthis because the Saudi monarchs think the Houthis are backed by Iran. A longstanding conflict turned into a serious matter when the Saudis started the operation called “Operation Restoring Hope” in March 2015.

The Saudis struck and killed many people in Yemen. The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is not a new one. Each country supports that side of a conflict which is opposed by the other one. In simple words “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Iran is supporting Bashar Al Assad whereas the Saudis are not. Iran is supporting the Houthis whereas the Saudis are bombing them. The Saudis are now openly supporting Israel, whereas Iran and Israel have always had rough relations.

My View of the Picture:

I briefly summarized the conflict section above because there is too much one can write on the issue. But my worries are for the barbaric acts which a few countries in this world are practising and trying to justify at every forum. The way countries like America and now Saudi Arabia have been acting, it sets an example for everyone who has power to follow in determining another country’s government. It invites every country to start poking its nose into another country’s matters instead of solving their own problems. For example, China might decide who should make the government in Sri Lanka. Japan might be worried about the government of New Zealand. Finland’s government might calculate the best option for the next government in Sudan. If the intruding government does not get the results it wants, it could wage a war on the premise of bringing peace and security.

Come on, what’s really going on? On one hand, we say that the world has now developed and matured yet still we are disrespecting the boundaries of other countries. Why doesn’t the world decide that from now on the law of the jungle will be primary.  Come straight out and start fighting until only one group is left standing. Why are people dying everyday due to the interventions of bully countries.

With the help of the mainstream media, stupid and untrue reasons are highlighted and made the basis for an attack. If another country has WMDs, ok attack them because they are killing their people. The Syrian regime is killing their own people! H mmmmmm why not change them. I can’t understand which type of pain countries like America and Saudi Arabia feels in their tummy that forces them to meddle in another country’s matter?

Of course, Iran also has pain in its tummy but the top troublemaker in the region is Saudi Arabia of course. Both countries are guilty of supporting and fueling terrorism. The biggest example was and to some extent still is Iran’s continuing to fund the Shia militants wing in Pakistan whereas the Saudi Government continues to fully support the extremists in Pakistan. In my opinion, unfortunately, no country harmed Muslims more than Saudi Arabia.

In the eighteenth century, when an alliance was made between Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab and Muhammad Bin Saud, it was found fruitful by both parties to keep it going. That alliance was nothing but a menace to the world. First the rigid teachings of Al-Wahab and then the discovery of huge reserves of oil ultimately started the destruction in the world.

Muslims who rebuke Saudi actions and are waiting for the UN to initiate a sensible response should first look at and mend what Saudi Arabia has done and is still doing to Muslims. A totally non-Islamic regime is ruling the most sacred country of the Muslim world. There is no justification for having a monarchy in an Islamic state but of course it’s ok in Saudi Arabia. The fools, best exemplify those who think others, especially America, will help them in their bad times. But they forget that America has proven herself to be a friend to nobody; America is a friend to money only! Until today America has never spoken against the Saudi monarchy but believe me, if things change and America shows thumbs down to the same regime, then even a minor incident like the banning of women driving in the Kingdom will become a reason for revolution against the current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Of course, the monarchy of Saudi Arabia has enjoyed the so-called friendship of the USA because of a pact between these two countries made in 1945 when King Abdul Aziz promised USA’s then President Franklin Roosevelt that they would keep providing  oil to USA and USA in reply guaranteed the protection of the Saudi’s regime. Aha! So it was dealing to secure the “regime” not the people or the country.

It’s a pity that Saudi Arabia always uses its influence to destroy other Muslim countries. They should not forget that once Saddam was the buddy of America and once the US viewed the Taliban as the greatest heroes of Afghanistan.

Hypocrisy at it’s worst was and is still being exercised by both sides. So the bottom line again comes out to be power and money. No principles, no rules! just power and money. If you are powerful then everything you write, speak or telecast is true otherwise you would be considered liars or conspirators. The Saudi regime will be considered good for as long as they keep dancing to America’s tune. After that USA will not hesitate to say “hasta la vista, baby”.


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  1. Rightly said. Power is equivalent to money. and power rules. No religion, no nationality, no region, no culture, no similarities.
    JUST POWER has been driving this world.

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