This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on June 15, 2016.

My View Of The Picture:

The statement written on a placard is actually a slap to the faces of people and politicians of Pakistan. For viewers the translation of the desperate father’s plight is “Appeal for Justice: Prime Minister (of Pakistan) is being medically treated in London. Why is there no medical treatment available for my child in Pakistan? Where is justice?”

How heart breaking is this situation. Look at a man and his handicapped child. Look at the condition in which they are waiting for some help. Whereas recently the Prime Minister of Pakistan went to England for his heart surgery, the story didn’t end there. On his return on 9th July 2016, a 300-seat capacity aeroplane was used to bring him and his family back to Pakistan. It was reported in the media that the national exchequer was burdened with a bill of  3 million US $ only on due to his return journey.

Now look at the picture again, the father is sitting on a footpath near where his son is lying beside him. Yes his son is a patient and he is lying on a “FOOTPATH” and not in a hospital. It may sound unkind to say, but I think he deserves to be there not because of our precious and delicate prime minister and his family who have a right to be treated in UK instead of Pakistan, and not because of our corrupt politicians, but due to the actions of each and every person of this country. Why are our politicians corrupt? Because we accept them and their nasty deeds. Not only this, but we go one step further and endorse their actions.

We will keep watching people like this father and son on the foot paths of Pakistan unless we change our thinking. Until we realise that we have to keep our good values intact and exterminate bad values from our society. Until we consider each other as a human being. Until we consider that every one has the same rights irrespective of caste and status.

To become a great country, people of a country need to sacrifice and this rule is applied on every country around the world.  Sacrifice by obeying the laws of the land that apply equally to all.  Where anyone can be above the laws of the land, then not only the prime minister, but every one will get a chance to misuse the powers and be corrupt to the extent of the opportunity available to him or her.

Two major factors have destroyed our society and hindered our way towards betterment. Firstly, we have carried on the bad portions of a system made by the British before 1947. Secondly, the caste system that prevailed in the Sub-Continent for thousands of years.

When the British ruled us they created a system specifically to control our region and designed for our psyche. They made many good procedures and systems for the Sub-Continent. Besides that, they created classes in our society within the locals. Some classes were given more respect and power compared to others. Now when the British left the Sub-Continent, for the betterment of our nation, we should have abolished the system of classes. Unfortunately people who were enjoying their place in the privileged class were not in the mood to sacrifice for the country and still today, they consider themselves a special class whereas those below them are just tiny insects.

Actually there is no problem with the caste system in itself as a means of identifying social groups but the problem arises when it is perceived that some castes are privileged and some are not. Some are above the law and some are born to bear the wrath of upper castes. This problem of the Sub-Continent has a history of thousands of years and still it exists and exists very prominently. There is an unending motivation for the existence of the caste system and that is: “we don’t want to sacrifice.”

I myself might well resist when a time comes to sacrifice. However, I would be a fool if I kept talking about changes in a country without offering my own sacrifices. I am very much hopeful because I have a strong belief that either in a life of an individual or that of a country, situations never remain the same. False idols have to fall. One day a majority will realise that the current system is not for us. That will be the day when we will see our politicians staying in Pakistan for their medical treatment while the fathers and sons of this country are in hospitals instead of lying on foot paths.


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  1. That’s why our new governments are echoing the Mental Revolution.

    Great things change requires leaders who cared so loved the country and the little people.

    Small steps toward change towards the better is one part of a mental revolution.

    It can not be all dependent on the government, because this movement is a movement that applies a comprehensive, meaning that all the people have a “duty” to making it successful. Without the participation of the entire people, it is impossible this movement can be realized.

    Let’s hope that Pakistan will have a better future.

    • Debby you said 100% right. Mental Revolution. very nice. yes and i think this is required not only in one country but through out the world.

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