Dying World

Dying World

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on May 14, 2016.

My View Of The Picture:

It has been almost 150 years since the birth of the petroleum industry whose fruits we are enjoying today. Due to misuse, especially that of petroleum products and by-products, we have created serious concerns for our environment. We have created a mess around this world. The way we are buying and disposing of mobile phones is the best example of how we are increasing the rate of destruction of this world. But this is just one example. We are just buying and buying without realizing how much waste we are piling up.

In our lifetime we consume a lot. The whole system forces us to consume; otherwise we be considered a dead person. In our single lifetime, we are consuming large numbers of televisions, mobile phones, washing machines, computers, vehicles etc. Consumption is a natural process of life. It has to be done. But how can we best consume wisely and while consuming keep in our mind that this world belongs, not just to us, but also to our many next generations. Sadly, I think that most of us on this planet are missing this approach.

Looking at these burning tires far away from Pakistan in Spain I am feeling the heat as the world is suffering the consequences. Every day, the world is bearing all the heat and pollution from all its parts. It is either from Pakistan, Spain, America, Canada, India, Japan, UAE or UK but we are all contributing to harming this world as per our capability.

Along with polluting the world, we are indiscriminately wasting our drinking water without realizing that, God forbid, one day we will be facing an acute shortage of drinkable water. In reality it has already started. It’s amazing that we are going to Mars and searching other planets for life but we are not saving the life that God has already gifted to us. I think this act will be questioned one day.

We are not realizing that we are continuously handing a polluted world over to our children. It will be very difficult for them to bring this world back to its original or liveable position. They are being born into an environment where all these new gadgets are a natural and necessary part of their lives. How, then, will they be able to stop using those gadgets so easily which they have known since childhood? How will we avoid the further increase in pollution?

Sometimes I smile about how humans think they are sharp and intelligent but actually we are such fools. We don’t realize that when we mess with nature, nature returns to mess with us on a bigger scale. For example, we use air conditioning to avoid 40 Celsius temperatures this summer and next summer, due to the atmospheric impact of air conditioning, including increased heat and other pollution, the temperature we are trying to avoid reaches to 40.25 Celsius while our strength to bear 40 C decreases to 39 C. So this way slowly but surely nature powerfully takes her revenge.

The rate of development is directly proportional to the rate of pollution. We know that this world has been developing at a rapid rate over this past 150 to 200 years and faster still from the start of the twentieth century.  We have moulded ourselves to this materialistic development.  We need bright lights, we need fast travel, we need more cooling and heating and we need more power for our consumption.

Realistically speaking its hard to change directly proportion to indirectly proportion. However, there is one thing we can do and that is to start consuming goods wisely. Otherwise, given the way we have polluted the seas, rivers, mountains, fields, animals and ourselves, we should be ready for a big bang as Mother Nature takes her revenge.

We are all destroying the world in a way that is like cutting the branch on which we are standing. Time is past for taking these matters lightly. Apparently nature is now not in a good mood to give further advantages.

However, we can start doing the following to save this world and reduce the rapid speed of destruction:

  • Start using items to their fullest until they die completely.
  • Hold your horses! we don’t have to have every new thing as soon as it is introduced on the market.
  • Try to be simple in our life.
  • Recycle and re-use items as much as possible.
  • Save water as much as we can.
  • Ensure that more water goes back into the ground during drainage rather then gets wasted through sewerage.

There could be many suggestions for acts we can perform to save this world. And surely I am looking forward to having more suggestions from your side also.


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Keeping our life simple is the best solution to secure environment


6 Comments on Dying World

  1. Not just plastics we have to do a lot in all directions. What about reusing paper? What about not putting electronic devices on stand-up but switching them off? What about eating and then wasting lesser amount of food? The food we once cook n it in our late will never be consumed by anyone else and will just go into dust bins? What about buying just bare minimum and not to be trapped by sales n promotions? What about using last bit of soap, detergent, water and not wasting them.

  2. I think we are already taking baby steps to protect environment like trying to use paoer ags for groceriesand recycling things. But this article gives us insight as to how we can increse our efforts in protecting our earth.

  3. Well, If only everyone thought like you do, might be our world will be better. First at all I will start from myself to decrease the pollution by doing small act like reduce use Of plastic etc etc

    • we should think one step ahead from just thought. we need to be very practical. and the suggestion you gave and commitment you showed is very impressive. Bravo Debby.

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