Edhi- The Great Philanthropist

Edhi- The Great Philanthropist

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on June 26, 2016.

My View Of The Picture:

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a renowned philanthropist within and outside the country. He provided his services under the name of “Edhi Foundation” within the boundaries of Pakistan, though he had a dream to spread his services to other parts of the world. Without any doubt he was one of the greatest humanitarians around the world. He died at the age of 88 on July 08, 2016.

If we examine his life, really he spent it like a true Muslim. He spent his whole life as an ordinary man. I think no one can point a finger at him for corruption as his passion and honesty towards his work can be judged from his simple dress and lifestyle throughout his life. Not only this but until today there is no news that he left millions or billions of Rupees or thousands of acres of land for his heirs.

The picture was taken before his death when he was seriously ill. Let me introduce the faces you can see in the picture because it is very interesting to know them. The person on a bed is Great Abul Sattar Edhi.  The lady kissing his hand is the ruling party’s official named Marvi Memon. The man behind Marvi in the coat is Pervaiz Rasheed, Senator and Spokesperson for the Government. The man next to Pervaiz is Mr. Nihal Hashmi, Senator. The person smiling next to Mr. Nihal is Faisal Edhi, son of Edhi and next to him is an unknown young boy.

Mostly politicians around the world have the habit not to miss a chance to be in the news, especially politicians of third world countries. I don’t want to be suspicious about their intentions, especially with the way Marvi is respectfully kissing Edhi’s hand, but what can I do? I want to be positive but my fingers are forcing me to write what I have experienced for many years. The picture is a perfect contrast of personalities. On one side a great person is fighting for his life, lying on a bed and on the other side three politicians are not wasting any opportunity to be in news.

When I looked at the picture some things came to my mind suddenly. It was about the possible inner thoughts of the people in the picture:

Abdul Sattar Edhi: Who is this lady and what she is trying to do?

Marvi Memon: It would be wonderful if the pictures of my action will be published in tomorrow’s newspapers. I hope the cameraman has understood what I instructed him.

Pervaiz Rasheed: When he will die? Mmmmm one week or so? What statement will I give? Ok old man don’t you dare to die until I get a better statement in my mind.

Nihal: I think this show has been stolen by Marvi. What magic she has that she is always able to keep herself in the limelight?

Faisal: Maybe my father feels some relief from her actions.

Boy: How cheap!!! Firstly all these stupid politicians along with media persons are suffocating him and now she is posing just to be in the limelight.

Sadly these cheap stunts kept continuing until his death. They don’t have the courage to follow in his footsteps but they have a great urge to see themselves in the media associating themselves to Edhi. “Everything is Fair in Business”.

Unfortunately, while reading social media, I saw a wasteful discussion going on regarding Edhi. Whether he was a true Muslim or not? Whether he turned Socialist? Who spoke for and against him? What is the media saying about Edhi? Why did he donate his eyes? It sounds like we are just saying things and writing just for the sake of writing. Just to be ‘IN’ in the social media. Why don’t we just talk about how great a person he was and what he did for us and how we should try to follow in his footsteps? In my post titled ‘Discrimination’ I highlighted sacrifices we need to make for the nation. I think he really sacrificed for the nation while the rest of us just keep talking.

He was a man of actions and this is what one should be. He never bothered with what others said whether it was the media or politicians. He just tried his best to do his job. A job to save humanity!


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  1. So true. Sometimes we create hypothetical issues just for the sake of discussion. How much time we have to waste? The crux is for all his life spent you cannot find, off shore companies, tax evasion, palaces and the likes. What else certification is needed?

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