Endless Space

Endless Space

When I started my scrapbook again, this is the first picture I put into it. The picture was published in The Nation newspaper on April 22, 2016.

My View Of The Picture:

At the time of opting into a field for my profession at graduation level I first planned to take admission into “space sciences” because the sky always fascinates me, especially what is beyond the layer of Ozone. However, I decided to go for commerce as my analysis revealed to me that there was no scope of space sciences in Pakistan, especially at that time.  So I thought why not go for commerce as after all its all about $$$$. Today, I cannot say whether my decision was wrong or right as I think it’s a matter of how much you are helpful to society and Í personally believe that to be helpful you can be in any profession. But if I think about my personal preference then I think I lost the opportunity to be a space scientist. But still it’s ok to me :).

The picture is about the image observed by Hubble Space Telescope while celebrating its 26 years in space, a long period indeed. Humans are going and going more into space but where is the end of this space? Seems that it’s endless. It’s a mystery which we would love to solve but I think this will be a mystery forever. The more we go into space, the more it is running away from us or, you can say, we are now more bewildered. Light years are increasing and increasing. More theories are coming out of the big bang. Blasts in space, creation of stars, swallowing of stars by black holes, everything is going on in space.

Being a strong believer of God, whenever I look into the sky and observe the distance of those stars which we can see with our naked eyes and have been watching for many years, the only thing that comes to my mind is the power of God. How enormous are these space objects? How far are they away from us? What is the status of this world we are living in? How big is this Universe? Is the whole canvass of this space square or round?  There are one thousand and one questions which come to our mind and most of them are still not answerable.

There is a huge and unimaginable universe in front of us; every object is working in a systematic way and still we question whether it is God or an accident which keeps things moving so systematically. We can argue many things for and against but we can’t imagine how big and powerful God is. Our thinking is for sure limited. Scientists try to explain whatever they see and try to demonstrate some proven studies and theories, whereas, directors and producers create new ideas related to space. Those new ideas may or may not represent reality because limitation is there. They are just trying to re-create nature, which is already a divine creation.

Remember the days when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Compare space science then and now. Scientific knowledge changes but the power and strength of God to run this system remains the same.

Tonight when you will look into the sky you might not be able to see that many stars compared to the questions which will bubble up in your mind.


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  1. Leaving aside the question of ideal or ideology or belief expressed in your piece (and which questions necessarily come when one is maintaining their personal blog and objectivity is very difficult to maintain), I admire that you are writing, that you have the skill to develop something by observing a picture, that you can tell a story not only about the thing observed but also about you. So I take this in that spirit.

    I have many times tried to comment but then I stopped for avoiding discussions about those things that have been discussed for so long and result into ego problems and will remain so (e.g. belief v. science – philosophical questions regarding faith/belief so to say). So I would restrict myself purely to those issues which don’t go that far. I want this forum to be a place of bliss and of sharing of thoughts in the manner of childlike innocence. We already have enough forums to discuss disputes of eternal nature.

    In the matter of belief or ideology most of the time there is no discussion but war unless one is ready to leave their belief/ideology (and for that one cannot be a strong believer but a skeptic like a scientist who keeps on checking their hypothesis on the basis of evidence and it is the beauty of science that it changes or evolves whereas belief does not – belief was, is, will be, not matter what the evidence is and evidence can be explained away though however fallaciously). Generally one argues for their belief/ideology and not vice versa (i.e. argues not to reach at truth but to establish ‘the truth’ one already believes in). And to do the latter one (vice versa) requires lots and lots of courage and going against the tide of traditions and even sometimes becoming lonely in this entire universe (a sort of cosmic loneliness). I am once again deviating from the promise I took to myself. So a little point to end this thought. Even in such matters discussion is possible but only where in the belief there is a window of doubt, but where there is no window of doubt it is only argumentation or polemics or theological disputations. (As from the observable facts/evidence the discussion jumps to what is unobservable/unseen, and about what cannot be seen our processes of discussion cannot reach that realm as the rules of discussion are for what one can analyse not only alone (on the basis of mere personal experience), but also with others. A sort of universal analysis, including taking account of lives of more than six billion existing people and yet more of those who are no more physically present).

    A contentious point as a funny point. Perhaps it was better that you did not go for space sciences because that might have created doubts in the belief, if not outright rejection of belief.

    It has not been proved that thought is limited (a very simple proof is: one can analyse one’s life that how one thought as a child and then how thought process unfolds/evolves continuously till one dies, including dying before the death i.e. leave to think or never to think). It is just that at one point we get tired of thinking. Otherwise science is a proof that what at one point was believed and was mystery is now a normal fact. A scientist once said that everything is a mystery unless our thinking process explains it. Once we understand the mystery it is no more a mystery. So is the case even now with those things that we think are mysterious but future may make even those things normal facts of our lives.

    Thought like belief is an unseen thing. Though it works through brain (the seen thing) but what its limits are is not yet proved and cannot be proved as the only medium to determine that is our thought and there is no supra-thought (in human beings – I am not involving here super-natural).

    Reaching the end when I look above I think I have not broken my promise but only laid down observations/thoughts (not beliefs – (as question for me: is that really so?) which themselves perhaps are mystery. On such things one can discuss without warring (e.g. calling each other infidels/heretics).

    To repeat: appreciations – many – many – for you. Or to speak in terms of accounting: no depreciation, rather increments for all times to come.

    So ends this sermon that is not sacred.

    And is it not a funny thing that one’s thought is telling one that it has limits?

    • Bravo Mr. Khurram seems that you are following my blog very thoroughly. speaking about accounting you can call it Revaluation of Fixed Assets :), which mostly results in incremented value. 😉
      Keep following for upcoming posts.

  2. It is very difficult to understand the universe. I think that’s why in the end people will go back to think about the creator.
    It would be very interesting if you could one day write about the creator.

    • Considering the difficulty to understand the universe then how can we understand the Creator of Universe :). But it could be understood depending upon our thinking because signs are clear. Actually signs are there but we take it for granted.Like act of seeing things by human. we consider it regular feature but of course its incredible thing if we think deeply.

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