Fights For The Rights

Fights For The Rights

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on July 9, 2016.  Some pictures are so full of expressions that it forces you to keep looking for a long moment. I found this picture so powerful and full of material which can be written on it.

My View Of The Picture:

Recently, once again black people have started to protest in USA against extra-judicial killings of some members of their community. Racial discrimination in USA against black people has a history and it is still going on. When I went deep into the relationship of blacks in America it was very amazing to me to know that in south of American black people only got voting rights in 1965. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed but in the south discriminatory laws were simultaneously passed against black people to restrict them from exercising their voting rights. Surprisingly, the UN was in existence and USA was a superpower telling everyone what to do and what not to do. Every one was talking about human rights but still these discriminatory laws were passed. However, the right to vote was not awarded so easily by the American Government. Instead black people sacrificed until on March 7, 1965 State Troopers bathed that Sunday in blood and it became known as Bloody Sunday (1965).

But the historic incident of 1965 was not the last time that killings of black people were witnessed. Many incidents occurred between 1965 and 2016 in which many blacks were killed, especially by the police. Surely, I would not say that all murdered blacks were innocents because everyone knows that many black people are involved in crimes too, though it is very hard to judge whether they become criminal due to discrimination, due to being poor or due to any other reason.

In the picture the person is lying on the ground protesting against two recent extrajudicial killings by the police. It was really shocking the way black people were killed by the police especially when many were saying that the election of Barack Obama as President of United States marked an end to racial discrimination in America. Indeed there is a strong history of discrimination against black people in America. I remember one episode of “Fresh Prince of Bel-air”, a sitcom, in which Carlton, cousin of Will Smith, got a ticket for a traffic violation and he wondered why he got the ticket. Then Will said to him “because you are black”. There are many movies, sitcoms and documentaries in which it has been expressed that black people have still failed to get equal status in America.

Though we know the historical realities of the relationship between black and white people, still it is indeed difficult to understand why white people kill black people so ruthlessly. Only because they are black? Why? Don’t they have the same colour of brain as white people have? Don’t they have the same red blood as white people have? So what’s the difference then? Might be signals from inside a brain which keep suggesting that black people are inferior to white people and in this world only white has the right to live. It seems that such white people still need a hundred more years to understand that actually we are all the same. Difference in body colour is only to differentiate each other and not a reason to kill each other.  But look where we are now. It is a pity that people are killed not because they are criminal but because they are black in colour.

I know that this war will never end due to some stubborn white people’s mentality, but I wish I was wrong. A superiority complex will remain among different groups of people. There is no end to the extent to which you can take your enmity, whether it is due to colour of skin, nationality, religion, caste or to which football clubs you like. But instead you can take care or love others irrespective of above-mentioned differences as I mentioned in my article “Edhi- The Great Philanthropist”.

Though I have also seen white people protesting shoulder-to-shoulder in the United States of America in favour of black people, still I don’t think those typically minded people who have hate in their heart can be changed so easily. At the same time I am very hopeful that black people will keep fighting for their rights as they did in 1965.

 Disclaimer: The term black people should not be considered as an inferior term. It only highlights a specific group of people. Secondly it is not all white people that should be considered bad. I only criticized those whites who have problems with black people only on the basis of skin colour.


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3 Comments on Fights For The Rights

  1. Ha ha ha. When i started reading the article fresh prince of bel-air came to my mind and then I saw it being mentioned in your article. Bingo! But I was thinking about another episode in which Carlton talked about equality and stated that he was free to become president of USA. To which Will keeps silent with expressions showing he knew Carlton was wrong, and Carlton’s father also remained silent but with expressions of embarrassment and shame depicting that he knew his son was incorrect but he could not dare correct him.

    The gist is there are good and bad people in every race, religion and community. And this will continue, there is not going to be a time when everything on this world sets right. This is nature. However, the most important thing is that this bleak situation should NOT stop us from raising awareness and voice against these unjust, discriminatory and dreadful acts.

    • Yes those reader who had watched Fresh Prince of Bel-air can understand more properly :).
      Of course this world is not Utopia and cant be. However as you said and said it right that one should not lose the hope.

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