Kashmir is Bleeding

Kashmir Is Bleeding

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on July 12, 2016.  The picture is about what is happening in the Indian Kashmir on the world map.

My View Of The Picture:

For almost the last three months Indian Kashmir has been facing a severe show of power from the India Forces. The Kashmir issue has a history of almost 70 years of conflict between Pakistan and India. Of course it is occupied by India. Therefore India has its own arguments and Pakistan has its own regarding mala fide act by Mahraja Hari Singh in signing an Instrument of accession with India in 1947 even knowing the fact that 77% of the population at that time in Kashmir were Muslim and they didn’t want to become part of India.

Anyhow that is the past and you can get lots of information regarding the Kashmir issue on the internet, both the Indian and Pakistani viewpoints. But unfortunately, because nowadays the quantum of information is so enormous that it’s really hard to filter the truth and reality from such a big ocean of information. It’s like Google search engine. Google put the names of websites on its first page which are very popular among the viewers. Google doesn’t give a guarantee of truthfulness to the content of the websites. So this means that there is lot of information but without any guarantee for truthfulness and accuracy of the information. Therefore, it’s very easy to distort history as per your needs and likings.

Without going into a discussion of the history of Kashmir we should focus on what is going on there now a days. Who is hurting whom? Who is using brutal power and who is facing the brutality?

Currently there are 500,000 to 700,000 army personnel in the area of Indian Kashmir which I think represents the lowest number of civilian per army person.  The presence of such a huge number of military  over almost seven decades now only suggests that there is something to suppress and in this case the something is the right of Kashmiri people to decide their fate. Nobody can suppress people’s rights for the long term. Either you have to win the hearts of the oppressed or you have to back off.

There are many disturbing pictures I have seen in the newspapers and on the internet. Human bodies and eyes are being damaged by pellet bullets. Hundreds are being killed. But I am not going to share the pictures of such incidents because either it will sadden the hearts of the viewers or make them angry and aggressive. The title picture is just a common picture we have been looking at since our childhood and our elders since their childhood.

It’s not about the mentality or liking of the rulers of both sides but rather it’s about the will of the people of Kashmir. It’s about the brutality they are facing every day. It’s about the discrimination they are enduring on a continuous basis.

Being a Pakistani I could be biased while writing this article but unfortunately the reality is far graver and more disturbing. I believe that for India to keep up this suppression for a long period will be impossible, whether India wants Kashmir for a strategic point of view to confront China or Pakistan or for anything else. It’s actually a long unresolved human catastrophe, which if it is not amicably solved by India then it will be solved through a natural process and that natural process is “you can’t suppress the just demands of people forever”.

 In 1976, East Timor was accessioned by Indonesia. However, in 2002 it got independence from Indonesia. But I still remember in just three to four years of UN involvement, East Timor got its independence from Indonesia whereas Kashmir has been bleeding for almost 70 years but still no implementation of UN resolutions. Then what would be the message people of Kashmir should get? That might is right!  It is very hard for big powers to break the heart of India as long as they see millions of potential buyers of their products.  So is this a situation of “Everything is fair in Business”?

It’s a sheer shame and sad how things are being dealt with in this world. When the level of discrimination rises to such an extent then how can we stop unrest in this world? How can the world fight against terrorism, extremism and radicalism when global organizations and powerful countries are nourishing these?

In the end I am glad that now some people from India are raising their voices against the atrocities of the Indian forces and believe me this conflict will never end until the Kashmiri people succeed in their just fight for their rights. I do not advocate that Kashmiri people should join Pakistan; they can live as a separate country or they can join either Pakistan or India. The important thing is that they should be given a right to select their fate once and for all. Now I am leaving you in the state of mind where you can judge and realize what is really going on with the people of Kashmir.


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  1. In my opinion. It is only the Kashmiris, who can win their independence. No one can/will help them. Sorry to say Pakistan has the interest but the diplomacy/foreign office is so poorly equipped and always apologetic that you can’t expect them to do anything.
    Powers of the world do not have any interest, and it is good for Kashmiris, otherwise Kashmir would have turned into Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Libya, so God save them from the lobbying of Super powers.

    I sitting here outside of Kashmir, am in no position to suggest or advise anything to Kashmiris. But our prayers, love and sympathies are with you. May you live in peace and prosperity within Pakistan or whatever you like.

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