Light Moments

Light Moments

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on May 07, 2016.

My View Of The Picture:

A beautiful scene where a family (this is what I perceived from the picture, a family consists of father, mother and two children) is enjoying their time. Apparently the father is with family but he might be thinking about something else. He is also enjoying the moment by having his feet in the water but it seems that his mind is picturing something besides what is going on around him.

The canal is the place in Lahore where mostly poor people come to spend time especially in summer. As Lahore is a big city therefore many people come there to enjoy themselves. Some enjoy the main canal and some, like this family in the picture, enjoy themselves in a sub-canal or other parts of the canal.

When I saw this picture I felt a little stress-free. Hopefully you will feel the same after observing the moments this family is enjoying in the picture. I think the cost of enjoying this moment, if not negligible then, might be very inexpensive. Looking at this picture I perceived that it is the picture of a typical family that is struggling financially and mentally similar to what is happening to the majority in Pakistan and in the rest of the World. The father being a bread earner is looking worried and might be thinking about future earnings or his children’s future or some other family issues. The children, irrespective of what is going around them, are enjoying themselves fully and their mother, who might be exhausted with her daily routine or home problems, is fully participating in this moment of leisure with her children. She might be worried on the inside but nothing is being shown by her face as she wants her children to be happy.

Life is a mixture of hardship and light moments. It covers 100% of one’s life and the percentage of hardship versus light moments defines how our life is going. If the percentage of hardship is higher, it means we are getting pulverized day by day. If the light moments are in the majority then it means that we want our life relaxed irrespective of the circumstances that surround us.

I would like to clarify that I am talking about hardships that are the result of our materialistic approach to life rather than the hardships related to raising children, hardships due to diseases, hardships not under ones control etc.

A question is always raised especially by those whose percentage of hardship is high. Perhaps they mostly think that everything they wish for should be theirs. If they suffer more hardship it might be due to the fact of their higher expectations which cause such people to miss small light moments in their lives. I don’t see this as a good way to make a relaxed life. I have seen very low earning people always thanking God for what they have in their lives. They never complain and mostly find life very satisfying. I think this is because, unlike many of us, they don’t chase blindly for those things that are not within their means.  As this category consists of very few people this may be why there are more people facing hardship in this world.

I want to end this post by adding a beautiful quote I read some six years back. The saying was from a Sufi named Wasif Ali Wasif. I am not his follower but of course if someone says something meaningful then it should be appreciated and considered. He said “One get worried not due to circumstances but due to thinking”. This relates to all that I just wrote above.


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  1. Life is too beautiful and precious to be spent only for the pursuit of the world and everything in it. The real wealth in the form of blessings of life, health agencies, together with their family members, and current happiness can share with others.

    • Thanks. Along with you i would like to request all the readers to share your thoughts about the pictures. Of course its me who think about the picture in specific dimension. Would like to know what the readers of this site think about pictures.

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