Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

This picture of Usain Bolt along with the news from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics was published in The Nation newspaper on August 21, 2016. In the right corner you can see the fact file of his career. In his third Olympic participation, Usain grabbed three gold medals. Being an admirer of Bolt I have decided to write a little about him and his great achievements.

About Lightning Bolt:

In 1986 when Usain St Leo Bolt was born, his parents might have been thinking about their son becoming an athlete one day, but they probably hadn’t guessed how fast their son would run. Before becoming an athlete and winning his first gold medal in 2001 in a high school championship, Bolt was more interested in cricket. But after he started his career as an athlete there was no holding him back. He kept going and going to the point where he broke all records for 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay and won three gold medals for Jamaica in each of the three Olympics in which he participated.

Though Bolt seemed casual about athletics during his early days and appeared not that serious about it, still, being a person made for athletics, he won almost every event he participated in. Whenever I watch Bolt running on a track, it always looks that it’s so easy to run for a gold medal. However, I think it’s easy only for him to run like this and nobody else. He took only 9.58 seconds on a track to break the 100m race record in Berlin in 2009. One can imagine how hard he trains himself for each time he puts his feet on a track for a competition.

His holding of three world records of 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at the same time is of course a daunting task to achieve but earning three gold medals in each Olympics held in 2008 (China), 2012 (UK) and 2016 (Brazil) in 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay categories is near to impossible. This man is indeed a fantastic human being with respect to abilities God has provided to him and how hard he has worked to explore them. Indeed, he was rightly given the nickname of “Lightning Bolt”, which fully fits him.

My View of the Picture:

The world is full of talent. I think God has distributed and is still distributing talent among humans all over the world. But few of us actually discover and polish our talents. However, I think along with God gifted talent, one needs to have good luck and a perfect environment to achieve the kinds of accolades achieved by Bolt.

I believe that there could be many Bolts in this world who might even be more lightning fast then Usain, but Usain also has luck on his side. A single injury can wipe out one’s career. Bolt is fast, he is fit and he has luck. It doesn’t mean that we should wait for luck because luck alone is not enough to give the desired results. First we have to fight and work hard for our targets and then hope for good luck. We should not forget that luck favours those who have courage. Therefore, besides luck, the prerequisites of accomplishment are hard work and courage.

My only wish/prayer is that Bolt will not be like Lance Armstrong. I was also a big admirer of Armstrong as he won the Tour de France from years 1999 to 2005. I was amazed watching Armstrong every time on the top of the podium and wondered how he did it every time. Really, I praised him because Tour de France is not just a one day game; it is really a test of endurance for cyclists.  But he lost all his titles, credibility and the fame he’d earned due to proven doping charges. It was a great shame for Armstrong and for his fans. Like Armstrong’s, Bolt’s achievements are not common but still I am quite positive 🙂 and want to keep believing that his talent is genuine and not artificially enhanced as Armstrong’s was.

“Jamaica you are lucky that you have an athlete like Usain”.


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