Self-Praised Selfies

Self-Praised Selfies

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on May 18, 2016.

My View Of The Picture:

Before reading further just look at the picture again. After looking I know you will already have made up some sort of story. Now it’s my turn to let you know what I thought.

Fashion, attitudes and trends do change after every decade of a century. For instance, in the 70’s it was hipsters, bell bottoms etc. In the 80’s, which I consider a most horrible decade, the trends were Scrunchies, huge earrings, baggy pants, shoulder pads etc. In the 90’s it was spiked hair, wearing backward caps etc. However the trend of selfies boomed in the decade we are experiencing now. My assessment is that this trend has dramatically exposed those who are victims of self-praise. After looking at different selfies taken by a person, one can guess how much desperation is there to promote oneself.

Looking at vacuumed faces, I mean distorting the shape of the face to resemble an inflated plastic bag with the air sucked out of it, victory signs, twisted faces etc. one can feel pity that normal and good looking faces have been turned into something else. Before the start of the selfie craze, mostly a person needed to have another person to take their picture, which some how restricted the subject to acting a little decently. Now when we have the facility and most importantly have set a trend for selfies, people don’t even realize how strange they look while posing in a selfie style. I know selfie-addicted persons will not agree with me because I am writing against them. They will have their own justifications for such acts but for me it’s totally strange.

A few months back while reading a newspaper I read that an Indian boy was crushed to death by a train while trying to take a selfie in front of a train coming behind him. It was so sad how that boy lost his precious life just for such a meaningless act. While searching I found amazing stats from this website, though these were until 2015 and do not include events occurred in 2016 including the incident I mentioned above.

I found “selfie vs. Other Accidental Deaths” most interesting. It proves that it’s far better to die while climbing Mount Everest instead of wasting your life stupidly for a selfie. At least adventure makes some sense, builds some expertise and has some logical value to the adventurer after doing it. But what type of adventure is there in taking a picture in front of moving train or at the edge of a cliff?

The lady in the picture looks smart but fortunately or unfortunately, it is only a physical impression. While looking at the picture I was wondering what that lady might be thinking before, during and after taking her selfie and this came to my mind:

Before taking the selfie: mmmmmm I think I should have a selfie in the middle of this flooded road and upload it on facebook. It would be a wonderful picture.

During the selfie: What about some more selfies while I am still stable in the water and not yet drowned?

After taking the selfie: Wonder if the water level is still rising? I will take more selfies so I can share them with my friends and get more “likes”.

That’s what I thought but I wondered and worried for her safety and hoped that her name would not be there when 2016 stats on selfie accidents are uploaded on the Internet.

Trends will come and be followed but when it becomes a craze followed without any sense, it starts being bad taste. Showing off is an act that is never praised but unfortunately selfies plus facebook (used for this purpose) have increased the habit of showing off among people. It’s like I scratch your back and you scratch mine. In other words like and get liked.

So are you in the selfie or no-selfie group?


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  1. So true. I wonder if in the past there were fads; as useless, meaningless and non-productive as these we are having now. Virtual Eutopia, everything is good. People do not have the courage and guts to look and live in reality.

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