Climate Change

Climate Change

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on August 06, 1999. In the picture there is a beautiful polar bear leaping from one block of ice to another in Chukchi Sea. It is a sea on the edge of the Arctic Ocean that lies between Alaska and Siberia.

My View Of The Picture:

Every living and non-living thing which is made by God has its importance whether we have an understanding and realization towards it or not. It is sad to know that God has made a beautiful Earth for human beings to live on and to look at what we have done to our World. Today we have more information and knowledge about those animal species which are endangered but still day by day things are getting worse.

We call ourselves more educated now but we are still not realizing how important nature is for us and the importance of animals for our ecosystem. We have figures, we have tracking systems and we have documentaries but still every year when figures related to nature gets finalized it gives us a gloomy picture. I was searching the list of animals which may go extinct in coming years and it was sad to know that the list includes species of bears, alligators, elephants, cats, rhinoceros etc. These animals are at the verge of extinction in the era when we claim that we know a lot and we have lots of knowledge of the requirements of nature.

In the picture the polar bear is leaping from one block of an ice to another. You can see the gap he has to cover. Due to our irresponsible attitude the gap is increasing day by day. It is very sad to think that with the way things are going one day the gap might be too big for the polar bears to leap.

We are converting this world into a hell. God didn’t give us the world which we are experiencing. It was wild, green, natural and in harmony before we walked on it. Today, because of so called development we have created a mess for ourselves. The population and living style of humans are changing in a haphazard manner like cutting a branch on which we are sitting. I don’t know how we can claim that we are more educated. Does education mean only degrees? Or does education mean to learn and to understand good things to implement for our betterment?

It’s amazing how proud we feel that we have touched the Moon and Mars and consistently tried to find other or new life outside this world. Would it be called intelligence to destroy our own existing home and find new shelters in outer space? I would rather say that it leaves a big question mark on our intelligence because we are spending too much for this useless adventure whereas we should be spending more for this world to make it a liveable place.

If humans are the cause of the problem here in our world then they will be the problem even in other places beyond this world. I can’t understand what we are trying to prove. Development means that humans should be in a better living position compared to a previous period. Can we say that today we are in a better position and not at the verge of extinction? What betterment have we got? Today we need machines to keep us in good shape whereas previously it was done free of cost because of our living style.

Those resources which took millions of years to be in the shape in which they are now are being badly and blindly used by us. It’s shocking that the resources are being depleted at such a great speed that sometimes I think we are acting like a black hole eating everything and eating it very quickly.

These birds, animals, trees etc in this world are for us. They are here to keep the Eco-system working in a proper way. I am a big admirer of a theory that says when you mess with nature, first nature gives you time to mend your ways but if you fail then it kicks back very hard. So now we are getting kicks from nature indiscriminately.

The readers might be asking what could be the solution. So dear readers I think we all know about the solutions and they are very simple. The solutions could be: save the resources, go green, experience the world outside centrally air conditioned buildings and homes, don’t invade habitats of animals, don’t get impressed with sky scrapers like Burj  Khalifa or Burj Al Arab because they consume energy madly, don’t pollute the air etc. It is said that there is an abundance of resources for the use of human beings but not enough to be wasted.


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  1. Golden words,”There is abundance of resources for humans to use but NOT enough to be wasted”.
    No better words to explain it further. Very deep meanings, only if we could understand.

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