Dear Handsome

Dear Handsome

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on September 04, 1998. In the section of Old Chronicle my last article was on a picture dated March 26, 1999 whereas this picture was published earlier in 1998. I missed making this picture part of my scrapbook in 1998 so in 1999 I pasted it into the scrapbook. So the picture is not chronological date-wise but it is chronological paste-wise.

My View Of The Picture:

I have read some interesting letters from notable people in my life, most recently was the letter written by Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher (very appealing), but the letter in the picture is also very interesting. When you will look at the picture and read its content you might think differently but let me share with you what I have in my mind.

The letter in the picture was written by Monica Lewinsky, the intern in the White House and the girl friend of then President of USA i.e. William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton). “Handsome” was Bill Clinton and “M” was Monica. I can not object to her English as mine is also not the perfect one 🙂 .

Out of nowhere, in 1998 that issue became hot. The world not only had seen a red faced American President but was also amused by the outburst by Mrs. Clinton for her Handsome hubby and Monica’s Handsome boyfriend. The world also read that she hit Bill with lamp/books and ensured the spillage of his blood.  Today and even in 1998 I was amazed by the reactions of Americans for the Bill-Monica matter. When talking and reading about this issue people used to say that Clinton should be impeached because he lied about his relation with Monica Lewinsky and that any person, especially holding the office of “President of the United States”, can’t tell a lie. Don’t you feel it funny what I just wrote? Don’t you smell another lie? Come on! Is this a joke? Forget about the President of the United States for a short moment. Here in our world every president or prime minister tells a lie to their nations and to the world and people think that the “President of the United States” can not lie when he has to tell a lie more than any one else.

We need not go far. Didn’t Mr. Tony Blair lie to his nation and the world about the Iraq War? Don’t you think that all the Presidents of United States have lied to their nation and to the world? They lied at the time of the Vietnam War. They lied at the time of the Iraq Wars. Lied about the Palestine conflict. They lied at the time of the Afghan wars. They lied at the time of Yugoslavia’s division. They also lied to the American people for stealing their tax monies. They lied at the moment when their businesses were flourishing in Iraq during its occupation and they are still lying about the realities of the Syrian war. Thousands, rather millions, of people get killed, both American and others, due to their lies and people still think that the American President can’t lie.

Bill Clinton might have himself felt funny at that time or been astonished by a threat of impeachment on a petty charge compared to the lies he and his entire predecessors had shared with their nation and the world. I respect America in the sense that they went to great efforts, by hook or by crook, to be a world super power but at the same time I consider common Americans, a majority, as the most innocent in the world.

That impeachment threat also tells us one thing more and that is “if you have an affair and you lie then it will be considered a bigger offence than killing millions due to your lie”. So dear Presidents of United States of America keep up the tradition of high moral grounds and never lie about your secret affairs. However, all other types of lies which result in killings, illegal businesses, wars, occupations, stealing taxpayers monies etc. etc. are allowed.

I don’t care who will be the next president of USA, I am a strong believer that it’s not about the winning person. Its all about the script and the script is being written somewhere else. But one thing is worrying me about Hillary Clinton becoming the next president. In that case Bill would be the First Man. Will Bill Clinton be feeling comfortable living in the same House or sharing the same bedroom where he was once banged with the lamp/books some 18 years back? Or will it be Bill’s turn to use the lamp? 🙂


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