Everything is Fair in Business

Everything is Fair in Business

Everything is Fair in Business

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on December 24, 1998.  It is a cartoon drawn by Maxim. For many years he has been sketching cartoons for The Nation.

My View Of The Picture:

A beautiful cartoon, which itself tells the complete story. Let me explain for those who are not familiar with the characters sketched in the cartoon. Saddam is representing Iraq, Qaddafi is representing Libya, the man with vampire teeth is Bill Clinton, then President of America, little sidekick is Tony Blair then Prime Minister of England and the most important is Muslim Ummah who is merry making and I think enjoying marijuana. One thing I believe is not shown in this picture are the ear plugs worn by Muslim Ummah.

The picture reminds me of the days when both Qaddafi and Saddam had very good relations with Big Boss (America). They came into power, thanks to the support of Big Boss and did everything a dictator can do. Of course, at that time Big Boss was not worried about “democracy” for the people of Iraq and Libya. Both Saddam and Qaddafi fully enjoyed their dictatorship. But one day while reading a story book titled “Everything is Fair in Business” Big Boss decided that the characters of Qaddafi and Saddam were not looking attractive anymore. “I need some change” thought Big Boss, and then he decided to follow his wishes and started eliminating both of these unwanted characters. Of course in due course Big Boss & Co earned a LITTLE bit, especially in Iraq. Remember the Oil for Food Program?

The difference between Saddam and Qaddafi was that the latter one was declared a bad boy in the early days of his long tenure of government.

The first to be removed was Saddam, once an icon of power and fear, of course only in his own country. He was found in some spider hole in a miserable condition. Next target was Qaddafi who liked to have virgin female bodyguards, his gold pistol and everything lavish. Qaddafi was nabbed and killed by the people of Libya in a bizarre and ruthless manner. This was how the stories ended for those two characters who once used to be good friends of Big Boss. It had to happen one day, this way or another.

So now the story book which Big Boss reads and amends no longer contains the names of Saddam and Qaddafi. The truth is that both deserved to be eliminated from the story book. Because of the way their names were entered into the book, it was certain their names would be eliminated in this or some similar fashion.

One thing should not be forgotten. In the process of eliminating Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) were featured. It is amazing how innocently, after killing of Saddam and many thousands of innocent civilians, after sucking all Iraqi oil and ultimately setting fire to Iraq, the Big Boss and his sidekick admitted that there were no WMD found at that time. This means that the creator of the story book has full authority to edit the story as per his own will.

Looking at the cartoon, you can see that the person named Muslim Ummah is enjoying his time, whereas he does not know what’s going on behind him. Amazingly, he also doesn’t know that Big Boss will not stop there. Big Boss developed the habit of sucking blood since long ago. Muslim Ummah also doesn’t know that by funding Big Boss to destroy his enemies (Syria & Iran) he will not be able to secure his future. Interestingly, Saddam and Qaddafi were the persons who thought Big Boss as everlasting friend.

So is there any doubt about what could happen next?


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    • Iran for sure. But history says that who ever go for friendship with Big Boss suffers alot. Now more focus on Saudi Arabia as relations of USA and Saudi Arabia are not same as before.

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