Game Changer 9/11

Game Changer 9-11

This article is about the game changer event for the world and somewhat for my blog. The picture that inspired this article was published in The Nation newspaper on September 13, 2001 two days after the “attack on America”.

After September 9, 2001 it is unclear whether the world wanted to change or not but one thing for sure is that America forced everyone to change.

Some Quoted Happenings About 9/11:

Most people know what happened on 9/11 in America as I think it was the most media reported news item, in terms of hours per person killed, compared to any other killing incidents that occurred in the history of humanity. The chronological account of 9/11 and its aftermath are as follows:

  • Four planes were hijacked. Two hit the twin towers, one hit the Pentagon and one crashed in Pennsylvania.
  • Almost 3,000 people were killed and more than 6,000 people were injured.
  • Amazingly, within an hour and 42 minutes the structure of both towers collapsed like a house of cards.
  • America takes no time to point the finger at Al-Qaeda and threaten the Taliban, yes the same Taliban which was created and nourished by USA against USSR, to hand over Osama Bin Laden. Those were the same Taliban for which America, the government along with Hollywood, kept telling the world that the most innocent that faced the butchery of the Russians in Afghanistan, were the Jihadis.
  • Even before one month had passed since 9/11, America and it’s pet ally UK, launched an operation in Afghanistan with the help of another pet Pakistan on October 07, 2001.
  • The operation was named “Operation Enduring Freedom”. Don’t know that the operation lived up to its name but one thing for sure is that for the rest of the World it became “Operation Enduring Destruction”.
  • America with his pet ally UK attacked Afghanistan.
  • The civilian casualties in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014 were more than 26,000. But keep in mind that these figures are those which were recorded.
  • To 2015 almost 3,400 coalition forces personnel were killed.
  • During the war, people were killed, houses were bombed, missiles were fired on marriage ceremonies, prisoners were brutally tortured and soldiers committed suicide.
  • End result: Osama Bin Ladin was found and poof! Same Afghanistan! But worse than before. The World to which USA claimed (especially in the clown style speech of Bush Jr.) that it would be free from terrorism is now facing even more of a menace.

My View Of The Picture:

Whenever I watch the video of Bush Jr sitting in a classroom where he was informed of the event known as 9/11, I always said “how stupidly that person reacts”. When I saw different videos in which Bush tried to convince his people and the World that no act is more dreadful than 9/11, I can’t stop myself from laughing as I think it is so easy to make fools of the American people. Bush didn’t warn them of the possible threats of terrorism; instead, he actually told every American taxpayer to get ready to reduce the weight of their wallets.

I congratulate the mainstream media for the way they raised and cemented the event of 9/11 in the minds of the people. The way they portrayed that speaking or even thinking against 9/11 and the Holocaust were the biggest sin and crime in history since these were the cruellest events in the history of mankind. But for events like the invasion in Afghanistan, bombing of Japan, the Iraq invasion, the Bosnian massacre, Syria’s killings, the adventures of Vietnam, the brutal killings of Muslims in Burma, the barbaric acts of Israel in Palestine and ethnic cleansing of Red Indians by Americans, killing and disgrace of black people by White Americans and the cleansing of Aboriginals by the British always invites another side of the story. Why?

Uncountable conspiracies are attached to 9/11 and none were ever properly addressed.

The first and biggest question is how the highly monitored air defence system was so easily breached when four planes were hijacked and changed course one by one as the US Air Force was sleeping. Yes! This is the same Air Force about which we used to watch movies in which thousands of times it was told to us that the US Air Force is the best in the world.

Secondly, how did the WTC suddenly collapse? If the base structure failed to hold the burnt and collapsed floors then how was the same structure holding the building up for so many years?

I wonder how easily the US government made fools of its nation with the help of the media. Of course they have done this for a long time. They are horrifying their own people, ensuring that everyone in the country believes that any one can come and attack their freedom.

The whole drama was stupid but well portrayed. As the media had already brainwashed the people, it was not difficult for mainstream media to cleverly manipulate a level of fear from the event so that everyone, even the haters of America, started saying that it was an act of terrorism by Al-Qaida or Taliban etc. Because it was an attack against USA therefore it should be considered as a highly condemnable event and if you speak against it, then of course you are one of the Axis of Evil.

It is sad and gruesome that the hands of America are all wet with the blood of both their nationals and people of other nationalities. I feel sad for those innocent people who were killed in that incident and also feel sad for those who think that rulers can’t be barbaric and they can’t have any hidden agenda or vested interest. We should search and try to find the answer to the question of why, even after fighting against terrorism day and night,  the world is now more unsafe than it’s ever been?


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  1. “even after fighting against terrorism day and night, the world is now more unsafe than it’s ever been?”
    Because the SuperPowers make money out of Fear and terror. Why should they curtail it?

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