Thank You Tony….

Thank You Tony….

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on January 27, 1999.  It is a cartoon drawn by Maxim.

 My View Of The Picture:

It was during the darkest days in the history of Pakistan when the Muhajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) came into being in the year 1984. All credit goes to then President Gen. Zia-ul-Haq who supported them. In 1997 the party changed the word Muhajir to Muttahida.

Pakistan is a great country in the sense that in this country you can make parties which openly speak against Pakistan, you can work against Pakistan, you can promote terrorism in Pakistan and you can have a strong militant wing and at the same time also have a charity wing, the ambulances of which can be used to supply arms and ammunition. This is known as true democracy. Every type of person has the right to do all of these things.

There is no doubt among Pakistanis that MQM is a terrorist “POLITICAL” party. It has proven connections with Indian RAW intelligence agency and is guilty of many cases. Many terrorists have been caught and confessed their link with MQM.

But the important and main character of MQM is Altaf Bhai. He is the leader of MQM. No one can deny his abilities. He is a leader, he is a terrorist, he is a singer, he is a dancer, he is an abuser, he is a joker, he is a doctor, he is a tailor of sacks, he is a killer, he is a traitor and God knows how many traits he has other than what I just mentioned. But one thing for sure, whatever traits he has, they are all against Pakistan. MQM always profited from the innocence and ignorance of Muhajirs (Migrants). I am against the term Muhajir because when people came to Pakistan after migration all become Pakistanis. Unfortunately, Muhajirs are in a Catch 22 situation. Should they choose MQM or others? In both cases they might get killed.  However they prefer MQM because while another group might kill them,  Altaf Bhai will not only kill them but will also drill holes in their bodies and put them in sacks. That’s why when Altaf Bhai calls for a gathering, a majority of people of Karachi have no option other than to come, sit silently and clap when they get a cue from the stage.

Have you ever wondered why Altaf Bhai is called Bhai? Those who have watched Indian movies related to underworld gangs know that the big don used to be called “Bhai” meaning brother. I think Altaf Hussain became Altaf BHAI not because he is brotherly for Pakistanis but because he is the undisputed biggest don of Pakistan just like in Indian movies.

In 1992, Bhai ran to England and remains there till now. He applied for political asylum and he was given asylum with open arms even knowing what a big terrorist Altaf Hussain was. From 1992 until today not for even for a single day has Altaf Hussain come to Pakistan. Meanwhile, he is running all its political and terrorist activities while sitting in London.

Now looking at the cartoon, Maxim has rightly depicted Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the same Tony I talked about in my article titled “Everything is fair in business”, feeding Altaf Bhai. This is the same Tony Blair who is nowadays crying crocodile tears that they were wrong in waging the Iraq war. This is the same Tony Blair during whose tenure (1997-2007) Bhai was given UK citizenship. So this is what great democracy has done and is still doing for the rest of the world.

In recent years England, especially MI6, is playing with Altaf Hussain just like one used to play with his puppy or kitten. They are teasing him. They drag him to the police station, they charge him, they release him, they take notice of his hate speech, they are ignoring the hate speech, they are dragging him in on money laundering case and many more. However, Bhai has no choice other than to follow the instructions of his mother who is getting naughty and playing with him by pulling the feeder in and out.

Now Pakistanis are eager to watch for when the killer of many Pakistanis, killer of Imran Farooq, killer of Amjad Sabri, killer of Hakeem Saeed and killer of workers of Baldia Factory will reach his fate. But for this we have to wait until the moment when his Mother stops feeding her child.


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