When There is a Will….

When There is a Will….

This picture was published in The Nation newspaper on January 05, 1999.


My View Of The Picture:

At the moment I made this picture part of my scrapbook I hadn’t yet realized what a big achievement Nicky Pierce had made. I realized it somewhat at that time but not to the extent that I am realizing it now. And why? Because it is easy to say we will do something but it’s very hard to go against our current practice whether it is bad eating habits or bad personal habits. Now when I feel a little bulky compared to that period when I was fit, I admit that it is not easy to continue to do the exercise necessary to bring back my old fitness.

If we are persons who like to bring out positives from events, then from Nicky’s epic achievement we can conclude not only that she made a remarkable effort to reduce her weight, but also that she showed us that if we exercise our will to do something then we can do it. We are the decision makers; but mostly we blame others for our failure. We wait for the perfect environment and timing to initiate something for our betterment but even after we find the required environment we fail to fulfill the commitments we made with ourselves. And the reason is our lack of will and laziness.

If I am failing to achieve my goals then, rather than just blame others and my fortune, I should also look at myself. Those who become famous in this world for doing something are not all just lucky ones. Though luck is required, what is most important is effort . But if we sit thinking and waiting on good fortune to knock on our door then sorry sir, we are just wasting our lives.

It is rightly said “God helps those who help themselves”. But the dilemma is that we want God to help us first, and those who think this way mostly think that the next turn is also that of God. That means that we assume it’s the ultimate responsibility of God to do everything (only good of course). However, in reality its the other way round. Even Nicky, for the many years when she kept gaining weight, might not have been thinking about her own responsibility. However, as per the foot note of the picture, the day when she failed to fit into her airplane seat was that moment when she actually reacted responsibly and began to help herself.

Everyone in his or her lifetime has to face a point when he or she needs to help him/herself. There are three types of people. One who helps himself at every stage, a second one who helps himself in time, like Nicky did, and a third one that never helps himself. The last type suffers from inertia and will have difficulty facing change.

Whether it’s at an individual level or with reference to nations, nothing is achieved without action. Behind positive action, strong will and commitment are required. God helps those nations who want to change themselves through action rather than through mere fruitless discussions.

The ultimate results are not in our hands. What is in our hands is how much effort we put into something. Those who believe in Judgment day will agree with me that at the end questions will be asked about our sincere efforts and not about the results.

So Nicky’s lesson is not solely for those who are suffering from obesity though she offers encouragement for those who do. She encourages us all to decide which type of people we want to be because, after all, it’s up to us.


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  1. as once i read somewhere, “It is Hard to live with all the over weight, and it is Hard to live with dieting; Choose YOUR HARD”
    definitely requires a lot of will power, and for not matter not just in loosing weight but in all the good habits that we want to see ourselves with but are too lazy to commit. This is the difference between and ACHEIVER and a LOOSER. ACHEIVERS think and ACT, LOOSERS only THINK!

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